Comments flood in for Red House

Yesterday (31st December) was the ‘Statutory date’ for submitting public comments on the very controversial Red House Planning Application in Whitchurch but comments can still be made.

Hundreds of residents of the small town have expressed their objections, with many angry that the owner has reneged on promises to refurbish the pub by using funds from building houses on the car park.
Instead the owner closed the pub and the listed Building deteriorated. The owner has now applied to turn the pub that has served the town for 300 years into residential property.

Over 350 objections
At the time of writing this there are over 350 public comments registered, of which only 4 are in support. Might that even reach 500? Its not outside the realms of possibility.

With the town growing and plans for more housing in the pipeline, many believe that any loss of local amenities should be resisted.
There are also concerns that not all the land on the site has been included within the Application with questions being raised over future intentions. Will it be even more housing in a growing town where amenities are disappearing for a growing population?


While the Statutory Date has now passed there is still time to send in comments.
With so many objections the Application will go to a Basingstoke & Deane Development Committee to which the Planning Officer will make a detailed report.
This will include submissions from Consultees on such matters as Highways, Conservation and Archaeology. Whitchurch Town Council and Borough Councillors input is also considered along with a summary of the public comments.
The date for that Committee meeting has not yet been set.

Note that confirmation has been received from BDBC that “the officer will usually take into account comments received up until the time they write their report.”
So if anyone has comments to make they can STILL submit them.

Town Council
Locally, Whitchurch Town Council, as a Consultee, has yet to consider the Application. It is expected that this could be on 11th January (tbc*) at which public attendance and representation can be made (via contacting the Clerk).
That will decide the position that the Town Council takes on the Application before Basingstoke & Deane, as the Planning Authority, make the final decision.
* 11th January now confirmed.

Comments can be made to the planners here:

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