Take the train to Brewdog

Brewdog have announced a major development at Waterloo Station with a ‘flagship site’ to be opened in the Summer of 2022 with what has been described as “the biggest Brewdog location in the world.”

At the end of the South Western Railway line that goes through our Test Valley area to the country’s capital it will be a welcome addition to choice.
The Brewdog ‘complex’ of 26,500 sq ft is planned to be located in the ex-Eurostar terminal. Over two floors it is planned to have an on-site brewery, cocktail and coffee bars, a games area and workplace facilities.
Guided tours, an outside terrace and even a ‘slide’ is planned to get downstairs for those so inclined (oh dear a pun!).

James Watt, who founded Brewdog in 2007 said it was “simply one of the biggest things we have ever announced”.

Nearer home, rumours for a Basingstoke Brewdog bar continue with much speculation as to where it might be – IF it happens.

Nearest current Brewdog bars to this area are in Southampton and Reading.

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