The Plough is Blessed

Today the new community-owned pub in Longparish was officially blessed. The Reverend Canon Dodie Marsden made a fitting blessing while at the bar, surrounded by a gathering of customers.

“May God bless this pub from beam to wall from end to end, from ridge to floor, from outside to in and may it be a place of relaxation, enjoyment and safety.
God bless the corners of this pub and be the lintel blessed, the hearth, the kitchen, the bar and the tables.

Lord bless each door that welcomes friends, strangers, kith and kin; Bless each shining window, door and path that lets the sun shine in; Bless each room above and below; Bless every solid wall; and to those who work here may God and Peace be upon you all.”
“And Cheers”
“Happy Days for the Plough

“Love it” and “A jolly occasion” were just some of the comments made.

Later in the day the annual village Dads v Lads football match was held on the pitch behind the pub while the popular Artisans Wood Fired Pizza truck also attended.

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