Bring back the Lamb – Crowdfunding progress

The aim to ‘Bring back the Lamb’ as a public house continues with the good news that the Andover Tap’s associated crowdfunding appeal has reached over half its target.

At the time of publication £6,440 has been pledged from the target of £12,000.

The Andover Tap (Beertap Inns Ltd.) has secured a lease on the main Pub part of the building, and Wessex Spirits the Andover based Gin distiller has leased the remaining areas to be a gin distillery, tasting rooms and events venue.

To help, visit the Andover Tap‘s Crowdfunding page at:

The Appeal states:

Whilst the structure is there there is an awful lot to do to get it back into operation as a public house.  The cellars and beer stores need work along with all the pub machinery, beer line piping and stillage,  there are some internal modifications required and a complete re-decoration, signage and furniture. 

This is your opportunity to help us save the Lamb and get it back to a proper pub, serving Local real and craft ales, pilsners and lagers, Local spirits and Wines.  We intend to have a food offering too, not fussy or fine dining, but something a little more special than basic pub fayre, focussing on local produce and producers, from pies to charcuterie.

After all it’s going to be your pub, a place to meet and chat convivially without big screens and loud music. Just a warm place to be in a friendly welcoming atmosphere and comfy environment.  The sort of place to see friends and family, have a well crafted drink and a flavour of Hampshire to eat. All in a place people remember fondly and where you can make new memories. 

In return, we’ll make it the place you want to be, and give you some rewards for doing so.”   

The basic Target will get us to a point we can open and get things going.

If you would like to help there are a whole bunch of goodies available in return, plus pleasure of saving this popular local landmark. If you want more information please contact The Andover Tap directly via the Facebook page or e-mail on