The Lamb Inn – glasses are being raised

What a fantastic announcement this was – the long awaited public announcement of one of the most exciting pub announcements for many years. The hints were there and some had already guessed but today it all came out – The historic and long closed Lamb Inn is to become home to The Andover Tap and Wessex Spirits.

It is a big step for these two small independent businesses run by Tim Abram and Kate Griffin who have been growing their deserved reputations on the back of superb service, quality products and an excellent ethos towards localism.

The announcement below explains it all:

Tim says:

A Proper Pub
“Along with, Wessex Spirits we have secured a lease on The Owls Nest formerly The Lamb Inn on Winchester Street, just 100 yards from the Tap. We want to bring it back as a proper pub, ale and beers, and a Gin Place for the lovely Kate Griffin From Wessex Spirits who will be producing her fine Gin and Rum on site.

Gin Palace and Tap Room
“The old lounge is to become a Gin Palace, for events and tastings, and the middle and front bars we would like to re-open as a tap room, with real and craft ales and craft beers and lagers from as many local producers as we can. Along with a great food offering. Hopefully before Christmas this year.

Lots to do
“There’s a lot to do, Planning and Licencing consents, furniture, decorating and re-running beer lines installing taps and pumps, and getting it to a state where we can serve the wonderful people of Andover, and hopefully attract new visitors to the town.

“We’re investing as much as we can, but your help is needed to make it what it could be, after all without our lovely customers we won’t have a chance to #bringbackthelamb
In exchange for lots of goodies, we’ll very soon be launching a crowd funding site.
You can help us out with as little as £10.00 in return for £15 voucher. Of course you can help out a little more, and any way you can help would be appreciated.

“Help us #bringbackthelamb rescuing a 300 year old pub.
Keep your eyes peeled and we’ll have an update with the crowd funding link”.

There will be glasses raised this evening 🙂

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