Here’s an idea?
As the restrictions ease and pubs try to get back to ‘normal’ or at least a ‘new normal’ they need all the help they can get. Many are still really struggling as they try and make up for the last 18 months of zero or reduced trade often with little or no support.
Can we help?

Happy Pint received this message from Pete and Lucy who enjoy visiting pubs.
“Is there a group that supports pubs in Andover and its surrounding villages?”
It gave food for thought.

Many publicans and their families, along with staff and suppliers, have been put under enormous strain due to the pandemic and the lockdowns. Some have lost their livelihoods, while others have suffered health issues as they have struggled to survive. Lucky ones have hung on by a tenuous thread.

We Can Help.
We can use and support the pubs and breweries that support us as customers.

There is one thing that pulls everyone together – the love of the pub, the conversations, the friendships, the community togetherness, and of course the beers, the drinks and all those lovely people who facilitate this – the publicans and the brewers, and all the staff and businesses that work with them

With a number of small brewers opening in the area and a growing interest in craft and cask beers, it sounds like a good idea to have a local group supporting pubs and breweries – to share information and local pub issues without forgetting the social fun that goes with our public houses.

Nationally there are organisations like Campaign for Pubs and Protect Pubs, while the Campaign for Real Ales is perhaps the largest of the consumer groups which has local ‘Branches’ in the Basingstoke and Salisbury areas.

The suggestion:
Maybe there could be merit in a ‘loose’ informal network with the simple love of pubs and beers binding it together and with the aim of sharing this love whilst supporting those larger organisations.
Maybe its time for a CAMRAndover?

Anyone interested? Send a comment. Watch this space.

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