Pomona Award

The Campaign for Real Ale is not just about … real ale.
Since its formation it has widened its interests, one being into supporting traditionally produced ciders and perries.

Each year it makes an Award that:

recognises a person, group, organisation, idea or concept
(where a recipient can be identified) that has made an outstanding achievement, commitment, or contribution to the promotion of real cider or perry.

Nominations for this year are closing soon.

CAMRA lists just one producer in the local area based just outside Andover, although there are others nearby that supply a number of venues.

We look forward to hearing if there are any local nominations.

The promoter, CAMRA, state:
Work carried out over the last 12 months is the primary focus but, where there is no outstanding contender, consideration is given to ongoing achievement. If you know an ideal Pomona Award candidate nominate for them by completing the online form at http://www.camra.org.uk/pomona-award by 1st August 2021