Red House – latest

It was just over two-and-a-half years ago that a Whitchurch Town Hall chamber packed with local residents discussed potential plans for a community purchase of the Red House in the town. Over 40 people attended and unanimously agreed that community ownership was a worthwhile route to investigate.
That hope seems to have faded, or has it?

The owner had obtained planning permission for houses on the pub’s car park while stating the income from the development would be invested into the Red House to save it from closure. To date, while the completed houses have been built, sold and are being occupied, the investment in the Red House has not taken place.

It was put up for sale and indeed a community offer was made, although that was rejected.
This week a statement appeared on social media saying:

“The Red House is still available to be purchased by the community (or indeed anyone) if they can put together a fair and fully funded offer.”

Of course since the original offer was presented the country has been suffering Covid and values of properties have fallen which could potentially make a purchase easier. Let us hope that an offer is forthcoming and that the Red House will flourish again as a popular Whitchurch pub.