CAMRA moves What’s Brewing to online news

The Campaign for Real Ale’s long-established newspaper, What’s Brewing, has ceased publication in its paper version in favour of an online platform. The last edition of this much-loved publication was the April 2021 edition.

In its place and launched this month, the national campaigning organisation has created what it describes as: “a new and improved digital platform to meet that need and bring you the news you really want – when you want it.

The printed version has been produced since CAMRA was founded. Now in its 50th year the organisation has embraced the field of digital news “to make CAMRA’s campaigns more  well-resourced and agile  to  save more pubs and breweries in these challenging times.”

With no beer festivals or events to generate income CAMRA has had to make difficult changes. For the second year running Covid has caused the cancellation of the Great British Beer Festival and other events have suffered similarly, not just CAMRA. Membership has also fallen as recruitment opportunities have been reduced.

There has been mixed reaction to the loss of What’s Brewing in printed format but there is no doubt that online news provision is the future and the organisation needs to embrace it fully if it is to remain one of the leading beer and pub campaigning organisations.
If you have thoughts on the move to online news we would like to hear from you: CONTACT HAPPY PINT

The quarterly magazine Beer will continue to be published in hard copy format.

The new website is at:

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