4 Guys Brewing – a new brewery

A brand new brewing company based in Basingstoke is launching their beer this weekend.

4GuysBrewing who have been been busy canning today ready to have their beer ready for local deliveries.
The beers have been ‘cuckoo brewed*‘ while they develop their recipes and processes. They say “We are all about experimental flavours when it comes to craft beer!” adding that “That way, every beer you drink of ours is special!”

Tom, Duncan, Adam and Chris have a common love of beer and have worked as a team on their idea – to push the boundaries of flavour but also not to be seen as producing beers that are “just another craft beer”. That sounds exciting.

The first beer is ‘Natural Selection’ has been developed as a brew that should be popular to those who like their hops.
It is described as having been “created to bring a more complex flavour profile to a sessionable IPA”. That sounds good for sitting outside in the sun enjoying a beer – “Full bodied, floral and full of citrus notes”.
Can’t wait.

We wish them the very best and look forward to trying the beers.

* Cuckoo brewing is where beers are brewed using the equipment of another brewery, a system often used by brewers before they can set up their own plant.

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