Beers at Shared Shop

Andover’s ‘Shared Shop’ opened this weekend, providing a welcome outlet for a range of local beers provided by the Andover Tap. The shop is organised by Andover BID, the Business Improvement District organisation that aims to boost trade in the town.
Andover tap owner Tim Abrams whose popular microbar in Winchester Street cannot open until at least May 17th, had a steady trade of customers for his range of excellent beers from local breweries.

In recent years there has been an explosion in the development of styles and tastes in the ‘world’ of beer. Included on the shelves were beers ranging from easy drinking single hop pale ales through to brews packed with fruit and on to imperial stouts reaching over 10% in strength.

So who can believe a beer could be packed with raspberries, blackberries and passionfruit, and then have loads of vegan marshmallows added? Because that’s just one of the many brews from Gosport’s Fallen Acorn Brewery that is on offer.
Then there’s the Three Chilli Stout beer from Vibrant Forest Brewery in the New Forest – with Ancho, Guajillo and Chipotle chillis……

The world of beer is certainly hotting up!

What a choice!
The Shared Shop is on the slope at the top end of the Chantry Centre.
Hours are:
10am – 5.00pm, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.