Work from your local

A new community based resource has been launched to help support the use of pubs, cafés and other venues increase visits and trade, and to help bring people requiring workspace and venues with that space together.

Owners of pubs, cafes or other community space can register with ‘Work from your local’ and have their venue listed and located on the map. Anyone looking for space to work can access the venue and it goes from there … any arrangements are between the users and the venue. While venues cannot open indoors until at least 17th may, it is possible to have them listed now.

The first in the ‘Happy Pint’ area to register is the Cricketers Inn at Longparish which can provide space from one person to ten.

Work from your local is a volunteer run campaign promoting the return of traffic to locals across the UK by encouraging people to work from them, on the venue’s terms.