Booking your seat?

Will we have to book? Will we just be able to turn up? Will I get a seat? Who knows.

Best give the pub a call in advance. One day, just one day, we may simply be able to turn up to a pub for a pleasant pint, sit or stand where we wish and drink our beers without the need for all the confusing rules and regulations.

Many pubs are taking bookings for tables; but who can be surprised. In previous reincarnations of lockdown when restrictions on table service only were in place many ‘customers’ booked places and then failed to turn up – a completely unacceptable situation to put already financially struggling pubs into.

PLEASE if you do book – do call the pub if your plans change so that the place can be given to someone else.
There is a list of pubs which are thought to be using outside areas, here:
LOCAL PUBS with outside areas open