The Happy Pint

Where else provides the wonderful community spirit and friendliness of the traditional pub. Where else can you forget those ills that have beset us and enjoy a wonderful locally brewed beer in convivial company away from the world’s stresses?
Where else other than the PUB.
The last year has been disastrous for the public house and one would guess there has been little to smile about – but what an opportunity there is as we all come out of Covid? Let’s take it and rejoice about our pubs – visit them, promote them, celebrate them.

So was born the HAPPY PINT – a small modest home for spreading good cheer about our pubs and providing some support when possible. Cheers!

If anyone would like to endorse the aims please just send a message of support – and maybe we can all raise a pint to the pub, that bastion of conviviality.