Penton Park to pause brewing

Penton Park Brewery has today announced that it is to pause brewing. With pubs continuing to suffer Covid restrictions and with reduced customer numbers, owner Guy Rolfe has taken the brave decision.
But its only temporary, with a very positive outlook for 2022.

The brewery grew out of a small home-brewing kit in the old Victorian kitchen of Penton Park House in Penton Mewsey just outside Andover. Guy took the step of increasing capacity to provide a number of local pubs with his fine beers, including Colonel Bob, 12th Man and Hastings. He continued to produce smaller batches too of craft style beers and his superb Penton Porter won Festival Awards.

However, Guy has said the brewing is only going to “hibernate”. He is also runs James Place Adult Daycare which is also based at Penton Park and his future plans are for “more opportunities for adults with disabilities to get involved in the brewing”.

Guy said:
Whilst pubs are open demand is seriously reduced, amazing pubs that we supply are all largely operating at reduced capacity, people are not going out as much and as a result less beer is being ordered.

Added to this we are swiftly approaching “stoptober” and “dryjanuary” I won’t get on my soapbox about these right now... [We cannot agree more strongly that these so-called charity promotions are short-sighted, harmful to our social culture, and deserve zero support, but that’s another story.]

…he went on to say:
“So while Covid is still hindering full supply we are pausing brewing, we are also spending the time working on some awesome plans to return in early 2022 with a tap room facility and more opportunities for adults with disabilities to get involved in the brewing with our other business James Place Adult Daycare
It’s been a tough decision, but feels like the right thing to do for now, please stay in touch!

As Arnie said “I’ll be back”

We cannot wait.
Good Luck Penton Park Brewery with such laudable ambitions.