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The Campaign for Pubs, the “UK grassroots campaign that promotes, supports, and protects our pubs” has written to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, expressing concerns over the possible extension to the lockdown after 21st June.

An announcement is due on Monday 14th June regarding the easing of lockdown which has seen many pubs shut their doors for good and thousands of others become at risk of closure.

The speculation that there will be an extension to the restrictions currently in place is, itself, causing great concern. The Campaign for Pubs has called for at least the following changes:

  • First, we implore that you remove the mandatory requirement for table service and allow customers to order at the bar. Customers were allowed to do this last summer and there was no spike in infections then (and that was when millions of people were not vaccinated). It is completely unfair and unjustified that people are permitted to order at counters in cafes and tearooms, but not in pubs.

  • Secondly, please reconsider the rule that people must wear masks to stand up and go to the toilet. There cannot be any scientific basis for people who are openly conversing (directly to others), in a pub, to then have to put on a mask simply to stand, walk to the bar or go to the toilet. It is off-putting for customers and discourages many to come to the pub at all, when we need people back supporting pubs.

Let’s hope the government listens.

The Letter in full
CAMPAIGN FOR PUBS – Letter to Prime Minister

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